Design Approach


LoveGivesWell: Syracuse Wedding VendorsFor Mary Schalk, no project is complete without her resolute attention to detail and commitment to the best possible outcome for her clients.

Since its 2000 inception, Mary Schalk Design has grown from a boutique studio to a brand that includes specialty services and products for residential and commercial clients.

Mary is a savvy designer with a global view of design. She seamlessly mixes modern with vintage, high and low with careful consideration of comfort and livability.

Mary has a strong interior design background, is known for her keen sense of color, use of space, eye for the unique and attention to detail. She stays current with industry trends and the latest in building materials and technology.

“ I want my clients to experience visual pleasure every time they enter a room – a sense that everything is there for a reason. Things don’t have to be perfect or a perfect match.  Homes should be a reflection of the people that live in them and their lifestyle – 

 The individual elements that make up a space need to work together to create a strong visual cohesiveness for a lasting design that only needs updating from time to time.”  Mary Schalk