Welcome to My World

Blank. Document.  Those two words on my Macbook Pages dared me to click open and begin typing.

And so I begin my first blog….

By the time I wordsmith, edit, spell check and search the hallows of mind for just the right phrasing, my new web site will be ready to launch. And so, this maiden voyage into blog land is what I hope will become a series of stories that will inform, inspire, entertain and — yes — be written with regularity and read by members of the cyber world when they pay a visit to my site.

I have long been intrigued by bloggers who were early adopters of this phenomenon. My first impression was that these folks had way too much time on their hands and surely had a narcissistic bent. Blog blog blog-blah blah blah was all I heard.

I turned a corner, however, when I saw the movie Julie and Julia. Here was a woman who faithfully typed away even when she knew no one was reading (and she was a self admitted narcissist). She then started receiving gifts of food from a few followers, which I thought was really cool. Then, we all know what events steamrolled her toward the making of the movie.

Since I am not cooking dishes every day from a world-famous chef’s book, I must look to my own experiences to craft blogs that have relevance and are read worthy.

I look forward to exercising my publishing right that comes with having a presence on the crowded internet.  It is a welcome activity and just enough to satisfy an itch and dump my sometimes overcrowded brain.

Welcome to my world….